Przemek Tomczyk

Dear Parishioners of Saint John Brebeuf!


My name is Deacon Przemek Tomczyk and after my Priestly Ordination on May 20th 2017, on July 1st  I will begin my ministry as an Associate Pastor in Saint John Brebeuf community. I am very excited to join you and as a way of introduction I would like to share with you some personal information about me. 


I am originally from Poland, and more specifically from a little city called Kolo, which is located at the central part of the country. I come from a family of five: my parents, myself, and my two younger brothers. My mother, Ewa, is an English teacher in a grade school in Poland, and my father, Cezary, works in a company that produces parts of the heavy-duty tool equipment.  My younger brother, Leszek, is a happy husband of my sister-in-law, Veronica, and just recently became a father of a cute little girl, Julia. My youngest brother, John, followed my steps and now is pursuing priesthood in a religious order of Missionaries of the Holy Family. 


My journey to priesthood started quite early, as I was serving in the local parish as an altar server. It was natural for me to meet with priests, and their example led me to think about becoming one. However, before entering Seminary I decided to explore my passion for journalism. Therefore, in 2007 I started studies of Journalism in Pontifical University of John Paul II in Cracow, Poland. Over there I enjoyed the life of a student, but the Lord was continuously reminding me about priesthood. As the initial excitement about journalism was fading away, the passion for priesthood was growing. Eventually, I entered the Diocesan Seminary in Cracow. However, after two years, I was faced with the opportunity to come to Chicago and serve here in the Archdiocese. A priest from Bishop Abramowicz Seminary came to Cracow’s Seminary and invited us, seminarians, to consider coming to Chicago. I decided to give it a try and I landed in O’Hare airport on August 11th 2012. This date marked the beginning of an exciting journey, the five years of formation in Bishop Abramowicz Seminary and Mundelein Seminary, which led to this day, when I will begin to serve you as an Associate Pastor of Saint John Brebeuf. 


I am looking forward to get to know you and to share in mission of bringing people closer to God. Be sure that I keep you in my prayers and please also pray for me that I will faithfully and successfully minister to you as an Associate Pastor. God bless you! 


Dcn. Przemek Tomczyk 

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You can help young couples prepare for the baptism of their child. This is a perfect ministry for a married couple with children of your own. It is a joyful experience. We meet once a month on a Tuesday with couples preparing for baptism. The format is discussion with a focus on Sacrament. Call the parish office 847-966-8145. 

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VIRTUS programs are designed to help protect children from sexual abuse.  To achieve this goal, the Archdiocese of Chicago offers the program “Protecting God’s Children.”   The sessions provide information to raise awareness and to help prevent abuse using worksheets, discussions and videos that incorporate interviews with both victims and convicted perpetrators.

The Archdiocese of Chicago requires every employee and volunteer who interacts with children to complete the program.  To comply with this requirement, St. John Brebeuf is proud to offer “Protecting God’s Children” to its parishioners and all employees and volunteers of the Archdiocese.  Group sessions are facilitated by parishioners Pam Perez and Tim Spadoni and are generally held one weeknight per month, from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m., in the May Ministry Center.



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