Welcome to St. John Brebeuf Church

church croppedOn behalf of our entire community at St. John Brebeuf, welcome! I am so happy that you are taking this step to join our parish.

We are a full-service Catholic parish. The core of our faith is in weekly celebrations of the Eucharist. There is a complete schedule of the weekly Mass times on the front page of our website and in the bulletin. You are always welcome, and I look forward to meeting you at an upcoming Mass.

We are a community that focuses on the Sacraments. If you want to become Catholic or if you want to have your children educated in the Catholic Faith, we have the RCIA program for adults as well as Religious Education and the Parish School for children. Throughout each year our parish celebrates hundreds of Baptisms, First Eucharists, Reconciliations, Marriages, and Funerals. We celebrate Christmas, Easter, and other Holy days, as well as so many fun parish events. Please join us.

Once you become a parishioner, this is your parish and these are your ministries. That is important. All the wonderful resources and activities you see around you are organized -- and paid for -- by people just like you who support what they believe in.

Not only do we encourage our new members to participate in parish life, but we also ask that they give to support the church and its many ministries and activities. It is through the financial gifts from our parishioners that we are able to put faith into action here at St. John Brebeuf.

There are two steps to becoming a parishioner:

  1. First, fill out the registration form and hit "submit." This will go to our parish office and we will put you in our system. This usually takes a couple of weeks. The parish registration form is here.
  2. Second, sign up for our online giving program called GiveCentral. Select the "Sunday Offertory," enter the amount and frequency you wish, and click the button to make this an "ongoing" gift. Our suggested initial gift for new parishioners is a minimum of $5 per week. We also encourage you to make additional contributions at Christmas and Easter. Click here for GiveCentral.

Congratulations! If you completed those two simple steps, you are now a new member of St. John Brebeuf. If you have questions, please feel free to call the parish office at 847-966-8145. 

Thank you for supporting what you believe in by joining our parish and choosing to help us with our important ministries. I look forward to meeting you in church soon!

Fr. Jason Torba

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