June 14, 2020, Announcement
Announcement June 14, 2020

Dear Parishioners, 

I want to share important information regarding the opening of the Church for Masses.  

St. John Brebeuf Parish is excited to welcome you back for public masses beginning next weekend, June 20-21. On Father's Day weekend we will return to our regular weekend Mass schedule.

The masses will be Saturday evening - 5 pm English and 6:30 pm Polish, 
Sunday 7:30 am, 9:00 am,  and 10:45 am English, and 12:30 PM Polish. 
At this time we will not have the Sunday evening mass at 6:00 pm

We place a high value on the health and safety of those worshiping in our church, and our staff and volunteers are working hard to follow the rules and guidelines set by the State of Illinois and the Archdiocese of Chicago for reopening church safely. 

We still advise that the elderly and those with underlying medical conditions stay home and participate through online Masses. The dispensation from Sunday Mass and Holy Days of Obligation continues.

Masses will continue to be recorded for those unable to attend. 

As per the Archdiocesan policy, all attendees must register to attend Mass. We will post the online sign-up and a video of what to expect later this week at our website,  www.sjbrebeuf.org. If you do not have a computer, please call the Parish office at 847-966-8145, to make a reservation. 

Initially, we are allowed to have only 50 people in church per mass, not counting ministers.  Please remember for your own safety no one will be permitted to enter church unless they are registered prior to arrival. 

The Sunday Schedule indicated above will be in effect at least through mid-July. We will increase our number of attendees when we feel we are ready and it's safe. 

The weekday mass at 8:30 am will resume on Monday, June 22, and the 7:00 pm Polish mass on Wednesday, June 24. At this time we will not have the 6:30 a.m. daily mass. Once again everyone will need to register to attend these daily masses. 

Thank you for your cooperation and support! 

Stay Safe,

Father Mike Meany 
June 14 - Polish

Drodzy parafianie, 


Z wielka radoscia chcemy oglosic ze poczynajac of przyszlego weekend, to jest od 20/21 czerwca, weekendu Dnia Ojca,  wracamy do publicznych Mszy swietych w naszym kosciele. 

Plan Mszy swietych bedzie nastepujacy:

  • W sobote wieczorem o 5pm Msza po angielsku, o 6:30pm Msza po polsku
  • W niedziele Msze po angielsku o 7:30am, 9:00am, 10:45am, Msza po polsku o 12:30pm. 
  • Na chwile obecna wieczornej Mszy niedzielnej o 6:00pm nie bedzie. 

Nadal zalecamy aby osoby starsze i z dolegliwosciami zdrowotnymi zostaly w domu i uczestniczyly w Mszach przez internet. Dyspensa od udzialu w niedzielnych Mszach swietych udzielona przez kard. Cupicha jest dalej aktualna. 

Msze dalej beda nagrywane dla osób nie mogacych fizycznie przyjsc do kosciola. 

Stosujac sie do regul Archidiecezji  Chicago, wszyscy pragnacy uczestniczyc w publicznych Mszach swietych musza sie wczesniej zarejestrowac. Mozna to zrobic za posrednictwem naszej strony internetowej: sjbrebeuf.org, albo droga telefoniczna dzwoniac do biura parafialnego na numer: 847 966 8145. 

Na chwile obecna limit osób do rejestracji na Msze jest 50 osób, wylaczajac poslugujacych we Mszy swietej (kaplan, organista, lektor itd.). Przypominamy ze do kosciola beda wpuszczeni tylko osoby wczesniej zarejestrowane, i jest to uczynione dla wspólnego dobra naszych parafian. 

Przedstawiony plan liturgii niedzielnej bedzie kontynuowany przynajmniej do polowy lipca. Z czasem bedziemy zwiekszac limit wiernych w kosciele, kiedy ocenimy ze mozemy zapewnic bezpieczne sprawowanie liturgii. 

Msze w ciagu tygodnia rozpoczna sie od poniedzialku, 22 czerwca. Codziennie beda Msze po angielsku o 8:30am, i Msza po polsku w srode o 7:00pm. Na chwile obecna nie bedzie Mszy o 6:30am. Tak jak w przypadku Mszy w niedziele, prosimy o rejestracje na Msze w ciagu tygodnia, limit to 50 osób. 

Dziekuje z Wasza wspólprace i wsparcie! 

Ks. Mike Meany

Register for Masses

The online registration for Masses is here:  Masses 6.20-6.26

If you know of someone who cannot register online, please ask them to call the Parish Office Monday-Friday between 9:00 am - 3:00 pm. Our office remains closed to visitors.


Online registration is open for Reconciliation on Saturday, June 20, from 3:00 - 4:30 pm:  Reconciliation 6.20.20

Instructions for Participants in Sacraments during Pandemic Reopening

To register for Reconciliation on Saturday, June 13, from 3-5 pm, please click here:  Reconciliation June 13.

All participants must register. No walk-ins will be allowed.

Those who are unable to register online may call the Parish Office -- Monday - Friday between 9:00 am - 3:00 pm and our staff will assist you.

Online reservations will end at noon on June 13.


St. John Brebeuf is reopening for sacramental celebrations in compliance with Archdiocese regulations and governmental guidelines. Social distancing, cleaning, and limits of participants are included in our plans.

Our first event was reconciliation on Friday, June 5. On Saturday, June 6, we hosted the first celebrations of funerals, weddings, and baptisms with the help of volunteers.

Masses will continue to be celebrated on Facebook and YouTube as we prepare to reopen fully.

Please understand that all participants must sign up for each event; no walk-ins will be allowed.

Those who do not have internet access may call the Parish Office at 847-966-8145, Monday-Friday between 9:00 am - 3:00 pm and our staff will assist you.

The instructions for each of the sacraments are below. Participants in the sacraments of marriage, funerals, and baptism will have a different sign-up process that will be sent to the person arranging the celebration.

Please call the Parish Office at 847-966-8145 if you have questions. Thank you.

Instructions for Participants in:




Reconciliation (in Polish)

Reopening Plan for St. John Brebeuf Church amid COVID-19

Date: May 15, 2020

Subject: Reopening Plan for St. John Brebeuf Church amid COVID-19

Dear Parishioners,

I pray that you and your loved ones are healthy. As you may have seen through the media, Cardinal Cupich recently shared our multi-phased plan for reopening churches in the Archdiocese of Chicago


  • Phase I allows for parishes to reopen for Baptism, Reconciliation, Weddings and Funerals with a limit of 10 attendees. The Parish Office and campus will remain closed for meetings.
  • Phase IA allows for parishes to reopen for private prayer and adoration with a limit of 10 attendees. The Parish office and campus will remain closed for meetings.
  • Phase II allows for reopening for weekday and weekend Masses for larger groups depending on the guidelines from the state and the capacity of the church building.


Our St. John Brebeuf Reopening Plan

First and foremost, it is important for everyone to understand that our efforts will prioritize the safety and wellbeing of all while maintaining due respect and reverence for the sacraments and liturgical norms of our faith. 

I will assemble a Parish Reopening Leadership Team with parishioner co-captains to lead our efforts. Together, we will attend required training from the Archdiocese to ensure that our parish reopening plan conforms to the guidelines developed by the Archdiocese in collaboration with civil and healthcare authorities. We will also receive a starter kit of protective and cleaning supplies, as well as guidance on purchasing/maintaining supplies ongoing.


Timing for Our Reopening for Phase I and IA only

As I mentioned, the Parish Reopening Leadership Team members and I will need to complete required training, which will begin to take place the week of May 17. Once we complete the training, we will need to review and complete tasks assigned to all parishes as part of a reopening certification process to be approved by the Archdiocese. Therefore, the soonest that SJB will realistically open for sacramental celebrations, private prayer, or Eucharistic Adoration is likely the first weekend of June. Our parish, like all others in the archdiocese, will move forward at a pace and timing appropriate for its own situation.


Volunteers Needed - Age 65 or younger, healthy adults

We will need volunteers to assist with various aspects of our parish reopening plan. Importantly, leadership team members and volunteers must not be part of a “vulnerable population” (that is, not over the age of 65; no underlying medical condition such as diabetes; lung disease; undergoing cancer treatment, etc.). I ask all of you who are younger than 65 and healthy with no underlying health conditions to consider assisting with one of three reopening teams:

- Set-up team. Sample duties include ensuring that all supplies needed for each sacramental celebration/gathering are ready for use, entrances and exits are marked and propped physically open prior to attendees’ arrival/departure, windows are opened, etc.

- Greeting team. Sample duties include assisting in managing the flow of congregants as they enter the church, making sure attendees use hand sanitizer upon entering, are wearing a mask, and are reminded not to enter if ill; directing people to appropriate seating/waiting areas, etc. 

- Cleaning team. Sample duties include maintaining and cleaning essential and trafficked areas of the church before and after the church has been used. Masks and gloves will be provided, if you do not have your own, in addition to approved cleaning/disinfecting supplies.

The Reopening Leadership Team and I will make sure that all volunteers are properly trained. Please send us a message at office@sjbrebeuf.org to indicate your willingness and ability to volunteer. From those that step forward, we will also request that some act as volunteer captains to help lead each of the three teams.

At St. John Brebeuf, we will only open our church once the Reopening Leadership Team and I feel confident that we have the right volunteers in place to make it possible to reopen. Again, the need for parishioner assistance cannot be overstated.

The guidelines and measures required to reopen are designed to protect our wellbeing and that of our broader community. As Cardinal Cupich has noted, from the first pages of Scripture we learn that we indeed are “our brother’s keeper.” Our Lord Jesus Christ prayed, “that they all may be one” (Jn 17:21) and commanded us “love one another. As I have loved you, so you also should love one another” (Jn 13:34). Our collective patience, willingness to help and the care we take to reopen is a demonstration of our unity and love for one another.

May God grant you His peace during this difficult time and may He manifest His love and presence to you in abundant ways. If you have any questions, please contact me at the parish office, office@sjbrebeuf.org or 847-966-8145.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Fr. Mike Meany

Otwarcie kosciola p.w. sw. Jana Brebeufa w czasie pandemii koronawirusa
Data: 15 maja 2020

Temat: Otwarcie kosciola p.w. sw. Jana Brebeufa w czasie pandemii koronawirusa 

Drodzy parafianie, 

Mam nadzieje ze Wy i Wasi bliscy pozostajecie w zdrowiu. Jak mogliscie dowiedziec sie przez media, kardynal Cupich niedawno udostepnil wielofazowy plan otwarcia kosciolów w Archidiecezji Chicago. 

W szczególne owe fazy wygladaja nastepujaco:

Faza I pozwala na otwarcie kosciola na celebracje chrztów, sakramentu pokuty, slubów i pogrzebów, z limitem 10 osób obecnych w kosciele. Biuro parafialne oraz pozostale budynki parafii pozostana zamkniete. 
Faza IA pozwala na otwarcie kosciola na modlitwe prywatna i adoracje Najswietszego Sakramentu, z limitem 10 osób w kosciele. Biuro parafialne oraz pozostale budynki parafii pozostana zamkniete. 
Faza II pozwala na otwarcie kosciola na Msze swiete w ciagu tygodnia i na weekend dla wiekszej ilosci osób, zgodnie z wytycznymi stanu Illinois i pojemnosci kosciola. 

Nasz plan otwarcia kosciola sw. Jana Brebeufa 

Po pierwsze, jest to wazne aby wszyscy zrozumieli ze nasze jakiekolwiek dzialanie bedzie mialo na pierwszym miejscu bezpieczenstwo parafian, przy zachowaniu poszanowania dla sakramentów, przepisów liturgicznych i norm naszej wiary. 
Na poczatku zorganizuje grupe koordynujaca otwarcie parafii- Parafialna Grupa Otwarcia, z parafianami funkcjonujacymi jako co-kapitanowie tej grupy. Razem, ta grupa bedzie musiala przejsc szkolenie zorganizowane przez Archidiecezje Chicago, aby upewnic sie ze nasza parafia postepuje zgodnie z wytycznymi Archidiecezji oraz regulami stanowymi i sluzby zdrowia. W najblizszym czasie otrzymamy równiez zestawy ochronne i dezynfekujace, oraz instruktaz dotyczacy nabywania tych srodków na przyszlosc. 

Plan naszego otwarcia (dotyczy tylko Fazy I i Fazy IA) 

Jak bylo wspomniane, Parafialna Grupa Otwarcia oraz proboszcz beda potrzebowali specjalny trening, który bedzie dostepny od 17 maja. Gdy trening zostanie ukonczony, rozpatrzymy i wypelnimy zadania przypisane do kazdej parafii które stanowia czesc procesu uzyskania zgody Archidiecezji Chicago na otwarcie kosciola. Dlatego tez, najbardziej realistycznym terminem dla naszej parafii na otwarcie na sakramenty, prywatna modlitwe, i adoracje jest pierwszy weekend czerwca. Nasza parafia, podobnie jak pozostale parafie w Archidiecezji, bedzie wcielala w zycie nowe wytyczne w tempie odpowiednim dla naszej parafii. 

Potrzebni woluntariusze (w wieku ponizej 65 lat, zdrowe osoby dorosle) 

Bedziemy potrzebowali woluntariuszy którzy beda asystowac w róznych aspektach otwierania naszego kosciola na publiczna posluge. Jest bardzo wazne aby woluntariusze nie byli czescia “grupy ryzyka” (tzn. powyzej 65 roku zycia, z uprzednimi dolegliwosciami zdrowotnymi takimi jak cukrzyca, dolegliwosci plucne, kontynuowane leczenie na raka itd.). Prosze tych którzy sa mlodsi niz 65 lat i w dobrym zdrowiu aby wzieli pod uwage dolaczenie do jednej z nastepujacych grup:

- Zespól “Set up” - do obowiazków nalezy zadbanie aby przedmioty potrzebne do sprawowania sakramentów byly przygotowane, oznakowanie wejsc i wyjsc oraz otworzenie ich na osciez przed rozpoczeciem celebracji liturgicznej, itd.

- Zespól “Greeting” - do obowiazków nalezy koordynowanie ruchem wiernych przybywajacych do kosciola, upewnienie sie ze wierni zdezynfekowali rece przy wejsciu do kosciola, maja zalozone maski, przypomnienie by chorzy pozostali w domu i nie przychodzili do kosciola, kierowanie przybywajacych wiernych do wyznaczonych lawek czy miejsc oczekiwania, itd. 

- Zespól “Cleaning” - do obowiazków nalezy dezynfekowanie i utrzymanie w czystosci miejsc gdzie przebywaja wierni przed i po celebracji liturgicznej. Maski i rekawiczki beda zapewnione dla tej grupy, jesli nie macie swoich wlasnych, oraz srodki dezynfekujace. 

Parafialna Grupa Otwarcia oraz ja dopilnujemy aby woluntariusze byli wlasciwie przeszkoleni. Prosze wyslac emaila na adres office@sjbrebeuf.org jezeli bylibyscie zainteresowani pomoca w jednej z trzech grup. Wsród tych którzy sie zglosza, prosimy o woluntariusza których zechce funkcjonowac jako kapitan pomagajacy koordynacji pracy w kazdej z trzech grup.

W naszej parafii, otwarcie nastapi tylko gdy Parafialna Grupa Otwarcia i ja bedziemy pewni ze mamy wlasciwie przeszkolonych woluntariuszy. Aby tak sie stalo, potrzebujemy aktywnego zaangazowania parafian. 

Wskazania i srodki potrzebne do otwarcia kosciola maja na celu ochrone naszego zdrowia i naszej wspólnoty. Jak kardynal Cupich zauwazyl, od pierwszych stron Pisma Swietego uczymy sie ze istotnie jestesmy “strózami naszych braci”. Nasz Pan Jezus Chrystus modlil sie “aby wszyscy byli jedno” (Jn 17:21) i przykazal abysmy “wzajemnie sie milowali. Jak Ja was umilowalem, tak wy winniscie siebie wzajemnie milowac” (Jn 13:34). Nasza wspólna cierpliwosc, chec pomocy i troski o otwarcie kosciola jest demonstracja naszej jednosci i milosci wzajemnej. 

Niech Bóg wypelni was pokojem w tym trudnym czasie i niech On na rózne sposoby ukaze swoja obfita milosc w Was. Jezeli macie jakies pytania, prosze abyscie skontaktowali sie z biurem parafialnym, dzwoniac pod numer 847 966 8145, albo wysylajac maila na adres office@sjbrebeuf.org 

Wasz w Chrystusie, 
Ks. Mike Meany 
How to Help
how to help flyer (1) (1)
Pandemic Parish Project


Pandemic Parish Project

Wipes, Disinfecting Sprays, & Homemade Masks

Are You Ready To Rise To A New Challenge?

  • In fall 2019 you made over 160 blankets for the homebound and less fortunate.
  • In fall 2020 you made 335 care packages for veterans.


Now, we ask you to help our Niles first responders!

Fr. Meany recently spoke with Niles Police Dept. They are in need of two things:

  • Un-opened disinfecting wipes and disinfecting sprays to keep their vehicles and facilities germ free.
  • Face coverings -- N95 masks ideally, or medical facemasks, but because of the shortage homemade face masks are requested for police and fire personnel use while serving the public.


Simple instructions from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) are in the links below, or on pages 4-7 of this week's bulletin. Please wash your hands, clean your work area, and use clean materials.

1) We encourage all parishioners to make face masks for donation. Please put the completed masks into a sealed bag, such as a sandwich bag.

2) Parish staff will collect face masks, un-opened disinfecting wipes, and un-opened disinfecting sprays (e.g., Lysol) in front of the church on Monday, April 13, from 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm. We plan to collect items at the same time on Mondays in front of the church while maintaining social distance until the stay-at-home order is lifted. Donations will be accepted from your car window, similar to how we collect bags for Uncle Pete's Ministry.

If you have questions please call 847-966-8145 or email office@sjbrebeuf.org.

Our staff is working from home but will respond to your messages as soon as we can.

Thank you.


Instructions (with illustrations), 3 pages

Polish Instructions

Update March 21, 2020

Effective Saturday, 3-21-20 Through Tuesday, 4-7-20 

In accordance with Governor Pritzker’s announcement of a mandatory shelter-in-place order for the State of Illinois, the St. John Brebeuf church, adoration chapel, and all other campus buildings are closed.

Private prayer in any parish building is discontinued at this time. There can be no gatherings anywhere on parish or school property, nor can any parish personnel or ministry organize gatherings at any other site. During this time there are no wakes, funerals, baptisms, or weddings.

Priests will continue to celebrate Mass privately, and will record and “livestream” Masses whenever possible. 

The Parish Office is closed until further notice. In the event of an emergency, parishioners can call the Parish Office (847-966-8145) and the answering service can forward a message to our priests.

During this crisis, we encourage all parishioners and friends of our parish to participate in the “Cardinal’s Call to Common Prayer.” Details can be found on the parish website.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support of one another, and for staying united in prayer during this difficult time.

Fr. Mike Meany

Update March 19, 2020

Dear Parishioners,

This has been a difficult week, with many schedules turned upside-down and adjustment to new ways of dealing with things we often take for granted.

Our priests are continuing to offer daily masses, praying for all of you. I hope you are well and safe. This morning I remembered all of our parishioners and their families in my prayers. 

One of the things you and your family can do is to pray for all who need to work to keep our community safe:  hospital workers, police officers, firefighters, garbage and recycling collectors, grocery store employees, pharmacy workers, and others. Perhaps you have family, friends, or neighbors in these roles and could include them by name. Some are making a list and reading it aloud, responding, “Lord hear our prayer,” as a part of dinner prayer or bedtime prayer.

In the coming weeks we will be providing more examples of prayer at home, especially during Holy Week. This weekend, we will send out videos and links to Masses. Beginning next week, we will also send readings and reflections each morning. Our hope is that this will give you a way to stay grounded in faith during these challenging times.

Please take care of yourselves and your families. Rest, eat regular meals, exercise if possible, and take time to pray. Try if possible to switch gears and read a novel or do something to change your focus away from the pandemic. This self care will help us to be ready when called upon in the future.

I know this can be difficult, especially for our senior citizens who may face long days with little interaction and for our families with young children suddenly spending every minute of every day together without interruption. Please pray for each other and support each other. 

The old saying,"'a day at a time" is wise advise.

I pray that our inability to publicly celebrate Holy Week due to health concerns does not diminish our hope and the bond of unity as brothers and sisters in Christ. Together, even if via the TV, we will celebrate the Paschal Mystery and find strength in our faith.


Fr. Meany


A message from Bishop Ron Hicks, Vicar General, Archdiocese of Chicago
March 19, 2020

The Chrism Mass will NOT be celebrated publicly, nor will we hold our annual Day of Reflection. Cardinal Cupich and the auxiliary bishops will celebrate the Mass in Holy Name Cathedral, which will be broadcast for the benefit of the faithful to view in their homes.

Holy oils will not be distributed until the current health crisis is abated.

Palm Sunday and Holy Week Liturgies will not be celebrated publicly in our parishes.

There are NOT to be any public celebrations, even outside including live Stations of the Cross on Good Friday.

There are NOT to be any distribution of blessed palms; however, if a priest blesses palms privately, those palms may be reserved for distribution at a later date to be determined by the USCCB and/or Archdiocese of Chicago.

Easter sacraments for RCIA candidates and catechumens are to be postponed – guidance will be provided later on when they might be celebrated after this crisis subsides.

The Mass of the Lord’s Supper (without washing of the feet), the Liturgy of the Lord’s Passion, and the Easter Vigil will be celebrated by Cardinal Cupich and the auxiliary bishops in Holy Name Cathedral without a congregation and will be livestreamed. If/when the Mass of the Lord’s Supper is celebrated privately in your parish, it is not to include the ritual of the washing of feet.

There should be no Communion services currently nor during Holy Week until we are cleared to return for public liturgies.
Please continue to follow the CDC guidelines by allowing no more than 10 people to gather together at one time inside or outside the church, practicing social distancing, and cleaning and disinfecting of churches after use.

Again, these guidelines and all current liturgical guidance, in line with that of the CDC and competent authorities.

On this Solemnity of St. Joseph, let us invoke his intercession for the virtue and guidance we all need to lead our parish families during this difficult time.

St. Joseph, Mirror of Patience and Protector of the Holy Church, pray for us.


Bishop Ron Hicks


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

Friday, March 13, 2020


Dear St. John Brebeuf Parish, School and Religious Education  School Members,

This morning, our parish received more information from the Archdiocese of Chicago concerning the Coronavirus (COVID-19). This information was developed in collaboration with government health officials. 

Cardinal Cupich mandated the suspension until further notice of all liturgical services effective Saturday evening with regularly scheduled weekend masses. In addition, he has mandated the closing of schools operated by the Archdiocese, and closing the Pastoral Center and related agency offices until further notice. 

By exception, funerals scheduled for Saturday may proceed observing the guidelines issued by the Governor of Illinois, limiting participation to no more than 250.  Future funerals and weddings will be decided on a case by case basis after further consultation with Archdiocese officials. Links to these statements can be found on our website at www.sjbrebeuf.org.

This weekend


In addition to the suspension of all  weekend masses, let me address what will happen this weekend regarding other parish activities.

The Adoration Chapel will be closed at 1 p.m. today.  The Adoration Chapel will remain closed until further notice.

The Stations of the Cross planned for 3:15 pm and 7:00 pm will take place.

There will be no Divine Mercy Holy Hour scheduled for 3 p.m.

There will be no Polish Bible Study group this evening.

This evening’s Fish Fry is cancelled. 

The Nicholas Copernicus School of Polish Language and Culture will not be in session this Saturday and until further notice. 

The Youth Ministry Retreat and the planned Taizé service are cancelled for Saturday evening. 

The GLADD meetings planned for Saturday morning and all future GLADD meetings are cancelled until further notice. 

The Knights of Columbus St. Patrick’s Day party on Saturday evening is cancelled. Individually prepared meals will be available for carry out only, for those who have already purchased, and may be picked up in the Parish Ministry center on Saturday between 5:30-7:00 pm. Please contact the Knights of Columbus if you have questions.

We encourage all parishioners to watch the weekly broadcast of Sunday Mass from Mercy Home, which can be found at www.mercyhome.org/sunday-mass/

Beginning Monday, March 16

Beginning Monday, March 16, until further notice, we will cancel all our weekday morning masses and our Wednesday evening Polish mass. The Friday Stations of the Cross are cancelled along with all normal scheduled confession hours on Saturday. All weekend masses will be cancelled.

Beginning Monday, March 16, all meetings and events including our School and Religious Education classes will be cancelled until further notice. Golden Agers meetings are cancelled until further notice.

We will await further information regarding Holy Week and Easter activities.

The church will be open from 9:00 a.m. until noon from Sunday through Saturday for private prayer. All other parts of our parish campus will be closed to the public. 


Please note that our parish will be a polling place, and we will be open in accordance with the guidelines for polling places. We encourage you to vote early.

Parish Office 

Our Parish Office will remain open for critical business only, with modified hours from 9:00 am until noon from Sunday through Saturday. Please refrain from visiting the Parish Office. 

We encourage parishioners to communicate via phone and email. Until further notice we will only take Mass intentions via phone or via email, and payments for intentions must be mailed to the parish office. 

Please conduct all other business via phone, email, and regular mail. The parish office may be reached at 847-966-8145 or office@sjbrebeuf.org. Our staff remains ready to assist all parishioners.



Any parish changes and announcements will be communicated via our Weekender email blasts, the parish website (www.sjbrebeuf.org), and via Facebook. We will also communicate via direct email to ministry leaders so that they can share the information directly with volunteers. The parish bulletin will also continue to contain all important communications. School information will continue to be communicated via direct email blasts to parents, via website, and via social media.

As you know, we continue to closely monitor the situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19). We have already implemented the measures recommended by the Archdiocese of Chicago, and will continue to follow these procedures. These include proper hand washing and special instructions during all Masses designed to limit the spread of illness. Please see this week’s parish bulletin for more information.



The recommended ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19 are:

Stay home if you are sick, unless seeking medical care.

Wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

Cover your cough or sneeze.

Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.

Try alternatives to shaking hands, like an elbow bump or wave.

If you have recently returned from a country, state, or region with ongoing spread of COVID-19, monitor your health and follow the instructions of public health officials.

There is no recommendation to wear masks to prevent yourself from getting sick.

I encourage you to pray for the families affected by this situation and for our nation.

Yours in Faith,

Fr. Mike Meany

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Dear St. John Brebeuf Parish and School Community Members,

We continue to monitor the situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19). As I wrote yesterday, we have already implemented the measures recommended by the Archdiocese of Chicago, and will continue to follow these procedures. These include proper hand washing and special instructions during all Masses designed to limit the spread of illness. 

Dr. Rigg, who is Superintendent of the Archdiocese Schools, was in communication with our school principal Dr. Maloney earlier today. Below is a statement from her based on consultation with Dr. Rigg and staff from the Archdiocese Office of Schools.

Here again, this does not change any of the procedures we have already put into place.

Please continue to pray for the families affected by this situation and for our nation.

Yours in Faith,

Fr. Mike Meany


Dear parents,

We have been informed that Resurrection College Prep High School has closed today and tomorrow because a member of their school community was in contact with a person who tested positive for COVID-19 (Coronavirus). You may be aware that some of our 7th grade students shadowed at Resurrection on Friday; however, the school has informed us that the individual who had contact with the diagnosed individual was NOT at school on the shadow day (Friday, March 6th). Therefore, we do not see any immediate reason for concern at St. John Brebeuf and will continue to remain open and conduct classes as usual. Should circumstances change, we will notify you immediately. As always, we are in close contact with the Archdiocese Office of Catholic Schools and monitoring these developments. This decision is based on continuing guidance from the Center for Disease Control and Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH).

We continue to make your children's health and safety our top priority. If you have questions about COVID-19, I encourage you to contact the CDPH.


Dr. Mary Maloney


Monday, March 9, 2020

Dear St. John Brebeuf Parish and School Community Members,

As you know, we have been monitoring the situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19). We have already implemented the measures recommended by the Archdiocese of Chicago, and will continue to follow these procedures. These include proper hand washing and special instructions during all Masses designed to limit the spread of illness. 

The Archdiocese issued a statement this morning directed to all Archdiocesan schools and parishes that I wanted to share with you in collaboration with Dr. Maloney. This does not change any of the procedures we have already put into place.

I encourage you to pray for the families affected by this situation and for our nation.

Yours in Faith,

Fr. Mike Meany



Guidance re: COVID-19 incident at Vaughn High School in Chicago


Bishop Ron Hicks Dr. Jim Rigg

Vicar General Superintendent, Office of Catholic Schools

We have been monitoring the news about the spread of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), particularly the cases identified in the Chicago area. The archdiocese has issued guidelines for worship services based on advice from public health authorities and we have joined with the Holy Father in praying for all affected by this epidemic. 

We are writing today to share developments that may have an impact on some archdiocese facilities. The Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) has recently confirmed a case of COVID-19 involving a staff member at Vaughn Occupational High School, a Chicago public school. The CDPH has stated that the immediate health risk to the general public from this case remains low. The CDPH recommended that anyone present at Vaughn School between February 25 and March 6 self-quarantine. The CDPH and CPS also advised that:

“People who were not at Vaughn between February 25 and March 6 do not have restrictions at this time, even if they have been in contact with someone at Vaughn. They can attend work and school, as long as they are not sick. This applies to:

  • Family members, care providers or those who share a household with Vaughn students, staff, and service providers

  • Students, faculty and staff at other schools or other members of the community who may have come into contact with members of the Vaughn community

  • Students who shared the bus with Vaughn students”

Based on this guidance, and our own contacts with CDPH and Illinois Department of Public Health we are not closing archdiocese schools where a student or staff member has a connection with Vaughn. 

We will follow the same guidance for other cases of secondary family exposure. Students and staff with a family member who might have had contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case will be allowed to attend work and school, as long as they are not sick

The health and safety of our Parish and School communities is our first priority. We ask that you join us in protecting our community by following the guidance of public health authorities and your medical provider. It is critically important that our community share only trusted sources of information. 

For the most reliable information, please visit:

We will continue to follow the guidance of local, state, and federal health officials will update you as our situation changes or more information becomes available. Please email preparednessaoc@archchicago.org if you have concerns or questions of the archdiocese or the Office of Catholic Schools.

As a faith community, we must respond with compassion and prayer to everyone affected by the COVID-19 epidemic around the world, particularly those who do not have access to medical and community support. We will include these brothers and sisters in our prayers for the sick and those who have died. Please keep our community in your prayers and know that we are praying for you.
Wytyczne dotyczace nablizszych dni w naszej parafii

Piatek, 13 Marca, 2020

Drodzy parafianie Sw. Jana Brebeufa, czlonkowie Szkoly i Religious Education, 

Tego poranka nasza parafia otrzymala informacja z Archidiecezji Chicago dotyczace zagrozenia Koronawirusem. Ta informacja zostala rozwinieta we wspólpracy z rzadowymi reprezentantami z Ministerstwa Zdrowia. 

Kardynal Cupich wprowadzil zawieszenie wszystkich celebracji liturgicznych (Mszy, nabozenstwo) zaczynajac od soboty wieczora (14 marca). Dodatkowo, do odwolania zamkniete zostaly wszystkie szkoly kierowane przez Archidiecezje, Centra Parafialne i biura powiazane z tymi organizacjami. 

Jako wyjatek, pogrzeby zaplanowane na sobote sa kontynuowane zgodnie z wytyczymi gubernatora Illinois, ograniczajace uczestnictwo grupy do 250 osób. Przyszle pogrzeby i sluby w naszej parafii beda indywidualnie rozpatrywane w konsultacji z Archidiecezja. Link to szczególów tych decyzji mozecie odnalezc pod www.sjbrebeuf.org.

W ten weekend


Dodatkowo chcialbym z Wami podzielic sie szczególowymi decyzjami dotyczacymi nadchodzacych dni:

Kaplica Adoracji zostanie zamknieta dzisiaj o 1pm i pozostanie zamknieta do odwolania, 

Nabozenstwa Drogi Krzyzowej zaplanowane o 3:15pm i o 7pm odbeda sie zgodnie z planem. 

Nabozenstwa Gorzkich Zali w najblizsza niedziele nie bedzie. 

Nie bedzie godziny swietego o 3pm w Kaplicy Adoracji. 

Polska Grupa Biblijna zostala na dzis wieczór odwolana

Spotkanie Fish Fry zostalo odwolane

Zajecia Polskiej Szkoly w te sobote zostaly odwolane. 

Rekolekcje Grupy Mlodziezowej i nabozenstwo Taize w te sobote zostalo odwolane

Zajecia grupy GLADD zostaly zawieszone do odwolania. 

Zabawa z okazji sw. Patryka zorganizowana przez Rycerzy Kolumba w te sobote zostala odwolana. Indywidualnie zapakowane posilki beda dostepne do odbioru dla tych którzy zakupili je z wyprzedzeniem, i beda dostepne do odbioru w Centrum Parafialnym w sobote od 5pm do 7pm. Prosimy o kontakt z Rycerzami Kolumba o szczególy. 

Zachecamy wszystkich parafian do uczestnictwa we Mszy poprzez transmisje online z Mercy Home, pod adresem www.mercyhome.org/sunday-mass 

Poczawszy od poniedzialku, 16 marca:

Do odwolania zostaly zawieszone wszystkie poranne i wieczorne Msze swiete w ciagu tygodnia, a takze Drogi Krzyzowe w piatki oraz sobotnia spowiedz. Msze w weekend równiez zostaly zawieszone. 

Wszystkie spotkania oraz zajecia szkoly oraz Religious Education zostaly odwolane. 

Spotkania grupy Golden Agers zostaly zawieszone do odwolania. 

Bedziemy oczekiwac kolejnych wytycznych dotyczacych celebracji Wielkiego Tygodnia oraz Triduum Paschalnego. 

Kosciól pozostanie otwarty codziennie od 9am do 12pm na mozliwosc modlitwy osobistej. Pozostale miejsca naszej parafii zostana zamkniete.  

Biuro parafialne:

Biuro parafialne pozostanie otwarte tylko dla spraw niecierpiacych zwloki, godziny otwarcia beda zredukowane od niedzieli do soboty od 9am do 12pm. 

Zachecamy parafian do komunikacji z biurem parafialnym przez telefon lub email (847 966 8145, office@sjbrebeuf.org).  Intencje mszalne beda przyjmowane przez telefon, a ofiare prosimy przesylac droga pocztowa do biura parafialnego. 


Jakiekolwiek zmiany i komunikaty beda przekazywane przez Weekender email., parafialna strone internetowa (www.sjbrebeuf.org) i przez parafialny profil Facebook. Komunikacja tez bedzie bezposrednia do liderów parafialnych przez email aby oni przekazali informacje dalej swoim podopiecznym. Informacje beda tez przekazywane przez biuletyn parafialny. Informacje dotyczace szkoly bede przekazywane droga emailowa bezposrednio do rodziców, przez strone internetowa i przez social media. 

Jak wiecie monitorujemy z uwaga sytuacje rozprzestrzeniania sie Koronawirusa. Juz wcielilismy w zycie poprzednie rozporzadzenia Archidiecezji Chicago i bedziemy kontynuowali te wytyczne. 


Zalecane sposoby zapobiegania roznoszenia Coronawirusa to:

Zostan w domu kiedy jestes chory, chyba ze potrzeba opieki medycznej, 

Myj rece czesto mydlem i woda przez przynajmniej 20 sekund, 

Zaslaniaj usta przy kaszlu i kichaniu, 

Unikaj dotykania swoich oczu, nosa, i ust nieumytymi rekami, 

Staraj sie unikac uscisku reki, na rzecz pomachania albo “fist bump”

Jesli niedawno wróciles/las z kraju, stanu, albo regionu gdzie ma miejsce stale rozprzestrzenianie sie Coronawirusa, obserwuj swój stan zdrowia i stosuj sie do wytycznych sanitarnych. 

Nie zalecamy zakladania masek w celach prewencyjnych.  

Zachecam Was abyscie otoczyli modlitwa rodziny dotkniete choroba i za nasz kraj. 

Wasz w Chrystusie

Ks. Michal Meany 

W Chicago transmisje Mszy swietych online w niedziele beda:

– z Osrodka Jezuickiego o 8:00 am


– z parafii sw. Wladyslawa o 10:30 am i 1:30 pm


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