Queen Of Hearts Information


Final Jackpot:  $39,600

January 19, 2022, was the most recent raffle drawing in our current game and we have a winner! The lucky ticket was #09931. Number 12 was chosen, and underneath was the Queen of Hearts! 

Thank you to all who played.  We'll see you back in the spring and "Long Live the Queen!!


Date, Winning Ticket, Number Picked, Revealed, Roll-Over Jackpot Amount

01/19/22, #09931, Queen of Hearts, $39,600

01/12/22, #09250, Four of Hearts, $38,300

01/05/22, #08875, Eight of Diamonds, $36,400

12/29/21, #08833, Eight of Clubs, $35,200

12/22/21, #08726, Three of Diamonds, $33,900

12/15/21, #08314, Queen of Clubs, $32,800

12/08/2021, # 07338, Four of Clubs, $31,600

12/01/2021, #07840, King of Hearts, $30,300

11/24/2021, #07338, Seven of Diamonds, $30,200

11/17/21, #06567, Four of Diamonds, $27,800

11/10/21, #06528, Joker, $26,500

11/03/21, #06392, Ten of Spades, $25,200

10/27/21,  #06318, Nine of Spades, $24,200

10/20/21,  #05935, Seven of Hearts, $23,200

10/13/21,  #05774, Eight of Clubs, $22,400

10/06/21, #05591, Three of Clubs, $21,200

9/29/21, #05525, Six of Diamonds, $20,800

9/22/21, #05405, King of Spades, $20,000

9/15/21, #05338, #39, Two of Diamonds, $19,200

9/8/21, #03873 , #25, Queen of Diamonds, $18,400

3/4/20, #04186, #32, Five of Hearts, $15,100

2/26/20, #01982, #40, Nine of Hearts, $13,700+

2/19/20, #03645, #49, Ace of Hearts, $12,100+

2/12/20, #00648, #24, Ace of Clubs, $10,800+

2/5/20, #00847, #8, Ten of Clubs, $9,600+

1/29/20, #03141, #33, Five of Clubs, $8,000+

1/22/20, #03031, #27, Six of Clubs, $6,600+

1/15/20, #01406, #6, Three of Spades, $5,700+

1/8/20, #2595, #3, Eight of Spades, $4,600+

12/18/19, #1451, #16, Five of Spades, $3,000+

12/11/19, #00096, #30, Jack of Diamonds, $2,000+

12/4/19, #2219, #23, Three of Hearts $1,000+

Please note that the drawing for our first game was held on 11/27/19, and the Queen of Hearts was found! We ordered a brand new gameboard and re-launched the following week.

St. John Brebeuf Queen of Hearts 50/50 Raffle

Get Your Tickets Today -- $5 each!

Raffle Drawing

  • Wednesdays at 9:00pm
  • Chaser's Bar & Grill, 9003 N. Milwaukee Ave. Niles, IL 60714
  • Winner Need Not Be Present
  • All proceeds benefit St. John Brebeuf Parish: Catholic faith, family, and education in Niles, Illinois since 1955


What is the Queen of Hearts Raffle?

The St. John Brebeuf Queen of Hearts raffle is a fun and exciting weekly progressive raffle.  Drawings are held every Wednesday 9:00pm at Chasers Bar & Grill, 9003 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Niles, IL 60714.  Raffle tickets are $5.00 each (cash only). Participants must be at least 18. There is no limit to how many tickets may be purchased, subject to availability.

Where to Buy Tickets

  • St. John Brebeuf Parish Office, 8305 N. Harlem Ave., Niles, IL  60714, 847-966-8145
  • St. John Brebeuf School Office, 8301 N. Harlem Ave., Niles, IL  60714, 847-966-3266
  • Chasers Sports Bar & Grill, 9003 N. Milwaukee Ave., Niles, IL 60714, 847-470-8800
  • Sofia's Slot & Video Cafe, 7327 N Harlem Ave, Niles, IL 60714, 847-983-4731

Ticket sales began 11/4/19.

  • Jackpot -- see above
  • Previously Selected Card Numbers -- See "Results" above.
  • The Queen of Hearts was found during our very first drawing on 11/27/19 (unbelievable!) and we started over with a new game board. The first drawing for that game was held 12/4/19.

How It Works

All 54 cards (including two jokers) are placed randomly behind 54 numbers on a factory sealed board.  The board is kept in a locked case at all times except during weekly drawings.

The name and number on the ticket is read, and then the corresponding numbered card from the raffle board is revealed.

If the card is not the Queen of Hearts, the ticket holder wins a designated prize and the pot rolls over for next week’s raffle and all tickets destroyed.

The holder of record of the ticket wins 50% of the “Net Pot”.

Each week after the drawing, all purchased tickets, except for the winning ticket, will be destroyed and new tickets sold for the next week's drawing. 

Claiming a Prize

The card number and the name on the holder of record of the winning ticket (“the Potential Winner”) shall be announced at the drawing and may be posted on the St. John Brebeuf website and Facebook page.  

St. John Brebeuf shall attempt to contact the Potential Winner by calling the phone number on the ticket.

The Potential Winner must claim his/her prize within 30 days of the drawing or if the prize cannot be awarded for any reason, the prize shall be forfeited, and the prize shall become property of St. John Brebeuf.

All winners are solely responsible for the payment of any and all taxes.  The Official Winner may be required to pay withholding tax in an amount required by IRS regulations and IDOR.  All winners agree to provide their tax i.d. number (social security number).

St. John Brebeuf shall withhold a portion of the prize as required by the IRS, federal or state law

St. John Brebeuf as sponsor of the raffle is bound to the Archdiocese of Chicago, Parish or School Raffle Official Rules – Terms and Agreements

Thank You for Buying Raffle Tickets And Good Luck!

 Long Live the Queen!

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